Building Materials in Iran for Export

these days I have concentrated on construction materials in Iran that have competitive advantages for export; based on distance for shipping, and abundant mines and industries.

for Persian Gulf countries, Iranian mine stones and ceramics are the best things for buy and use in construction projects. because of two things that I said. Also Quality, Price and Time for shipping and delivery is more reason for why must prepare it from Iran.

so this section assign for ROCKs! Rock is colorful, High strength and Fire resistant, waterproof, Acoustic absorber,

mostly stone building that seen in major cities such as Tehran, Doha, and Dubai is Granite, Marble, Travertine and so. this is luxury and beautiful look Material for external walls and internal design. most of the important building in every city in all of the world is designed with Rocks.

for select suitable Rock for your building, you must attend to 3 fundamental things:

– : structural characteristics and physical and mechanical properties of rock;

such as density, Weight , Porosity, color, Thermal conductivity, moisture absorption.

= : where you want to use it?

rocks don’t deform by normal stress and pressure. but in over heavyweight and strike might break. so based on where it will apply, you need to select a suitable thickness for the rock sheets.

≡ : Production and Processing quality. how it made up in manufactures?

After rocks extracted from mines, bring into manufactures to Polish and try to paint the surface with resin.

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