The Marketer

the marketer

mr. rad


my Vision

I believe Marketing is an investment in Human resource, time, and experience in every organization. in all performed projects, I had concentrated on sustainability of Marketing activities, sales system, and results.

Who Am i

I’m  Mokhtar  Rad, IRANIAN MARKETER , interested in international Marketing. I am well skilled in marketing management, Sales system Designing, efficient promotions and sales negotiation. I’m a “Marketing Personal Counselor” in South of IRAN , engage to Help Businesses to increase the share of market, apply solutions, improve customers retaining and gain the benefits of customers loyalty. Although I believe that we need to perceive better the Modern Marketing Principles and attempt to realize that, more than focusing on conventional or transactional sales. in beside, I am trying to run my new commercial manner to deal with Persian-Gulf Countries businesses in Primary Materials and Civil machinery equipment. both export and import.

What Can I Do

My main skill is Marketing Management. I’m responsible for planning marketing solutions, Watching out activities, following up training and gaining results; during cooperation.

also If you are looking for a marketing specialist for research in target markets in IRAN I have a available and Capable team for this purpose.

I am experienced in sales team management and I know how to design it to grow up performance and efficiency. I need to work closely with you and your organization and employees. I will concentrate on your concern and opportunities to make a strong sales team and system.

I can find suppliers in IRAN or customers in Persian Gulf countries.

I can make participation or lead selling or buying negotiation.
I can make Preparation of necessary information for sessions. such as prices or anything you need in the target market.

I am fluent in both languages: Persian and English. I am familiar with Iranian culture, Values, and Criteria.

Also I have knowledge about custom’s duty, procedures and rules of Iran custom. I am familiar with international trading conventions and The Commercial Terms such as Kyoto Convention and Incoterms.

Contact Me

  • 098-916-092-3160
  • IRAN-Tehran-Pasdaran street-Sepid Tower- block 22
  • IRAN-Ahvaz-industerial zone 1 - building Engineering - first floor - block 7