The Marketer

the marketer

mr. rad


my Vision

I believe Marketing is an investment in Human resource, time, and experience in every organization. in all performed projects, I had concentrated on sustainability of Marketing activities, sales system, and results.

Who Am i

I’m  Mokhtar  Rad  an  IRANIAN MARKETER, that very interested in international Marketing. I am skilled in marketing management, Sales system Designing, efficient promotions and sales negotiation. I’m a “Marketing Personal Counselor” in South of IRAN and try to Help Businesses to increase the share of market, apply solutions, improve customers retaining and gain the benefits of customers loyalty. Although I believe that we need to perceive better the Modern Marketing Principles and attempt to realize that, more than focusing on conventional or transnational sales. in beside, I am trying to run my new commercial manner to deal with Persian-Gulf Countries businesses in Primary Materials and Civil machinery equipment. both export and import.

What Can I Do

My main skill is Marketing Management. I’m responsible for planning marketing solutions, Watching out activities, following up training and gaining results; during cooperation.

also If you are looking for a marketing specialist for research in target markets in IRAN I have a available and Capable team for this purpose.

I am experienced in sales team management and I know how to design it to grow up performance and efficiency. I need to work closely with you and your organization and employees. I will concentrate on your concern and opportunities to make a strong sales team and system.

I can find suppliers in IRAN or customers in Persian Gulf countries.

I can make participation or lead selling or buying negotiation.
I can make Preparation of necessary information for sessions. such as prices or anything you need in the target market.

I am fluent in both languages: Persian and English. I am familiar with Iranian culture, Values, and Criteria.

Also I have knowledge about custom’s duty, procedures and rules of Iran custom. I am familiar with international trading conventions and The Commercial Terms such as Kyoto Convention and Incoterms.

Contact Me

  • 098-916-092-3160
  • IRAN-Tehran-Pasdaran street-Sepid Tower- block 22
  • IRAN-Ahvaz-industerial zone 1 - building Engineering - first floor - block 7