iran custom terms and tariffs

terms in Iran custom duty and procedures

It is predicted that until 2020 the share of international trade of GDP will grow up to 50 percent for most countries. Now this is equal to 30%. Countries effort to accept and perform international commitments for joining to WTO. This is for move on the way with world trade.

One steps for that, is making clearly lows and legal duties for AEOs(Authorized Economic Operators) and empower people acting in trade. According to Kyoto Revised Convention, AEOs (traders, brokers and good owners) have most commitment and responsibilities in international trade. Kyoto’s standards have two goals: custom to custom communications and trade standardization. Kyoto convention attempt to reduce costs of trades and it depends on cooperating customs and Merchants in the framework of mutual benefits. In this convention, customs committed to provide clear information for AEOs and trying to eliminate existing differences in customs procedures of various countries.

Therefore, I have decided to write rules, duties (as taxes and tariffs) and procedures of the custom of Iran to become foreign merchants familiar with that. this section assigned to terms and idioms.

This can be using in international marketing and trading negotiations. Also you can estimate your costs, risks, and know what you need as requirements, and duties for trading with Iran.

There is two initial function in custom: the first is: execute rules, controls and tariffs (as duties). The second function is facilitating trade that WCO is concentrated on. The shape below is to draw summary of the custom patch:

iran custom duty and procedures

First review some terms and idioms related to international trade and custom procedures:

  • declaration of goods and commodities: in writing (declare by act in custom formalities) and declare by word (such as passengers declaring in international airports)

declaration is present any information required to made custom authorities upon the arrival for release good.

  • declarant: Good owners, their accredit agents and customs brokers. Any legal or natural person who intend to release good.  Also carriers with legal permission from good owner, can do it as agent. in Persian knowing as : اظهاریه
  • summary declaration: General information of Good that is the responsible for carriers or freight corporations. it named as “ Tally sheet ” that manifest or list of total Good is attached with this. In other word, Tally is record of incoming and outgoing cargo. in Persian knowing as : اظهاریه اجمالی
  • Clearance of good: all preparation and submission of documentations required to export or imports into the country. Duties is payed and Electronic license is identified. But still Goods remain in custom. in Persian knowing as : ترخیص کالا
  • released Good: exited from custom. in Persian knowing as : ترخیص قطعی کالا
  • Transshipment: whole acts that an international carrier does to first entry border or custom and. After unloading the consignment in defined customs Places, custom give them receipt of the good that called warehouse receipt. before that, by the rules, owner of the good is carrier and after that, waybill must be transfer to consignee.

    In this step, if good don’t release, must be send to outside of political territory (to country of origin or even other countries) named re-exportation.

    this step knowing as ترخیصیه


  • Maximum duration for storing goods in custom’s warehouse is 3 months that can be extended to 5 months.
  • there are some custom controls that consist of: physical assessment, Risk management, X-ray controlling, and some other controls.
  • Duties equal to: CIF * tariffs of Iran custom that recorded in this page.


to be continue…

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