What I Think

What I Think

No is for Marketers

How complicated it is to get NO for the first time? had you heard No in your Sale efforts? I remember when I had started sales and marketing activity in a company I had employed recently, Start a sale conversation was too hard. but the hardest situation was Hearing No of customers. Yes, it is […]

What is the Promotion

From the far away in history, there were men that engaged in buy and sell tools on the road. such as peddler badgers. they have  Blaring his inventories and prices and try to Attracting others’ attention. this is the root of Promotion. Promotion in this era is attracting and making the market and product HOT […]

Fight for your Idea

as to progress or idea, or situation and or conditions pressure your ability and stability for the gain. we are human and we are generations of farmers and who fighting with natural and storms. they had a very hard life they had forced it to fight with others to live. so have a hard life […]

Building Materials in Iran for Export

these days I have concentrated on construction materials in Iran that have competitive advantages for export; based on distance for shipping, and abundant mines and industries. for Persian Gulf countries, Iranian mine stones and ceramics are the best things for buy and use in construction projects. because of two things that I said. Also Quality, […]

A summary review on my patch

I am educated in Mining Engineering at the university. it was my first point at start growing in the business world. after that, I engaged in Geotechnical Studies in an expert company in Tehran. but I need to do more than a functional Job. I was like to a Detective. Very fast, accurate, self-motivated and […]

the customer loyalty, what is this

what do we expect from customers? What is the ideal customer's behavior? What benefits should we want? What challenges might occur in loyalty programs? But if we want to understand and perform loyalty programs in our businesses, need some real practical notes that might be some hard to find this. Because general tips are not completely helpful. but first, come to define loyalty in new way.