A summary review on my patch

I am educated in Mining Engineering at the university. it was my first point at start growing in the business world. after that, I engaged in Geotechnical Studies in an expert company in Tehran. but I need to do more than a functional Job. I was like to a Detective. Very fast, accurate, self-motivated and courage in making a business relationship. so I decide to change my Job and engage in Sales Minerals ore such as Iron-ore: Oligist that geologists knowing that special ore completely. after a while enter to an international company that supplies Deep Foundation Machinery and texhnologies -such as nailing ,piling ,DSM and JetGrouting- for Great Building Projects and Drilling machinery and equipment -such as Drillwagones and rockbits- for mines across Iran. in this company, I became more familiar with Marketing and its spirit!

now I run marketing management in south of Iran. but I decide to run my new goal in International Marketing with focus on export Rocks and ceramics to the Qatar that are very reachable in the mines and manufacturers in IRAN.

so let’s go for attention to review on building materials on the next text.

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