no is for marketers

No is for Marketers

How complicated it is to get NO for the first time?

had you heard No in your Sale efforts? I remember when I had started sales and marketing activity in a company I had employed recently, Start a sale conversation was too hard. but the hardest situation was Hearing No of customers.

Yes, it is Why marketing is a Job with Emotional Labor. But I feel be stronger after days. I can speak more confidently and more effective. Although not enough to persuasion someone to buy our products. So That made me hopeful and more pretended for success: “I can convince others”.

The most important challenges a Marketer faced to, is herself!. yes, You want to be an Employee or be A Hero? what does a hero do? Going to the Customers Ground and starts Negotiation. it is hard and not for everyone. you are as a Bear that grappling with an Alligator. which is the winner? it is important where the war is? in Lake or in Jungle? because the Bear in the Jungle is stronger and so the Alligator in Lake.  The Marketer is a Bear rush into the Lake.

It is Key for Marketers to present a Valuable Product that helps people for a better life or help A business for a better process. So it is edge of darkness for being in a Favorites position and useful product or being only a Dealer position with a bad mission!

As a salesman, first you have to convince yourself about the product, then you can convince others

SO if you are a courageous Bear with really Valuable product, the war will End up with your Win!

Mokhtar RAD;

Sales and Marketing Counselor in IRAN and QATAR.

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